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Access Control

By definition, access control enables you to control who has access to your buildings, floors, offices and rooms.  Locks and keys allow you to secure buildings, rooms etc, but during working periods, these areas are often left unlocked by default, thus making areas vunerable to theft, and, access is not controlled.  This can present a security risk.  Keys can be lost, mislaid or stolen which just adds to the headache when trying to keep areas secure.  Keys are also easy to cut if not on a restricted key system, making key control impossible.  


Businesses, regardless of size have assets that need to be protected, not least their staff. Some businesses may have particular areas that they want to set "off limits" to other staff within the same company.


Access control (door entry) systems will solve most of your problems.  A well chosen and installed system, will, by and large, negate, keys, locks and the expense of cutting keys or changing the lock.  Instead of keys, you will gain entry into buildings and offices by using cards or other types of tokens.  Areas can be easily restricted only to allow authorised staff to where you want them to have access.  If cards / tokens are lost, or if a person leaves a company, that particular card / token can be barred from the system, therefore not having to worry about non-return of keys, leaving your building secure, which in turn will give you peace of mind.  


Access control gives you a secure environment that can be easily controlled to suit the needs of your management and staff.  


The only question you should have is " Which system is right for me"?


Anubis Locks can help you answer that question.  We can help you decide and give you good advice for your requirements.  For a free survey and to discuss a system, get in touch on our "Contact us" page.

Paxton systems are amongst the leaders in access coontrol.  Their systems are reliable, secure, intuitive and easy to use.  Their systems are kept up to date and provide the complete and secure access control system for your business


Anubis Locks are registered installers of Paxton systems

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